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Conditions of Cultural Competitions for Ministry of
Higher Education Staff and Students of
Universities and Technical Institutes
for the Fiscal Year 2007/2008


1-   The contender must be an Egyptian, working for the Ministry of Higher Education or affiliated units.

2-  The contender must be an Egyptian student at the universities or technical institutes affiliated to the    Ministry of Higher Education. The contender must be a regular student at a state university or institute.

3-   The research must be neatly hand written on a full scap paper or typed on a typewriter in not less than 30 pages (without alternating lines or spaces).

      The research must also be kept in a special cover. The contender must carefully choose only one topic (out of the two   topics of the contest). Similarly, technical format and techniques of research writing must be considered in order to render a presentable research.

4-   The contender must write his full name, and the name of his administration, faculty or institute. The     address must also be written clearly on a separate sheet of paper annexed with the research. The papers must be approved by the contender's employer and sealed by the State's seal. The contender must also submit a form of his academic status sealed by the students' affairs and the State's official seal. Furthermore, the contender is required to clearly and categorically indicate the address at which he wishes to be contacted.

5-   Researchers are considered by specialized professors, nominated by universities.

6-   An approved copy of the contender’s (working for the Ministry of Higher Education or its affiliated  units) salary items.

7-   The researcher is not untitled to see or photocopy his research after it is delivered at the specified time or after the result is announced.

8-   The researcher must refer to references in his research.

9-   The research must be addressed to Mr. Director of the General Administration for Cultural Relations, Cultural Contests Ministry of Higher Education, at 2 Darih Saad St., Al-Kasr Al Aini – Cairo.

10-   The deadline for receiving researches is March 2008. In case the research does not meet any of the indicated conditions, it is categorically discarded.


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